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Meet the Team

Diocesan Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Melissa Mulson, Direct of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Alfredo Columbie Martinez, Associate Director of Pastoral Juvenil

Brendan de Padua , Associate Director of Young Adult Ministry

We are excited to be working alongside our parish and school ministry leaders in an effort to grow in youth ministry through dialogue, a greater awareness of resources, and a shared knowledge of best practices!

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-Bishop Parkes



What are Courageous Youth Ministry Trainings?


Courageous Youth Ministry Trainings are opportunities for youth and young adult ministry leaders, ministry volunteers, catechists, or even entire parish staffs to reflect together on key aspects of youth and young adult ministry. They provide opportunity for discussion, reflection, skills training, sharing of resources, and lots of new ideas for how to reimagine how we do youth and young adult ministry and better evangelize and catechize the young Church.


For all parishes and schools in the Diocese of St Petersburg, these trainings are offered:


  • in both ENGLISH or SPANISH

  • FREE and FLEXIBLE, tailored specifically for your parish

  • either ONLINE or IN-PERSON at your parish

  • individual TOPICS or three-part TRACKS 

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All Videos

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Courage in Action

Comprehensive Youth Ministry requires the help of many people sharing their time and their experience. Becoming a youth friendly parish takes a team. Courageous Youth Ministry has met with parishes across the Diocese of St. Petersburg helping them to implement best practices and sharing youth ministry experience to accompany parishes towards achieving truly Courageous Youth Ministry.



"Ryan and Mike have a great knowledge and understanding of youth ministry. In collaborating with them, they have helped my ministry flourish and grow with their many insights." 

Andrew Johnson
Full-Time Director of Youth Ministry
St. Lawrence Catholic Church


"Your encouragement and very practical suggestions for how to make the meetings more effective - wow, that was incredibly helpful- and it was fun having you there with us too!"

Kristine Johnson

Volunteer Youth Minister

St. Rita's, Dade City


"I am thankful for your mentorship and look forward to many more collaborations!"

Carol Opalka

Part-Time Youth Minister

St. Frances Cabrini, Spring Hill


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Bishop Gregory Parkes

Courageous Youth Ministry logo white cou

 This ministry is supported through the Diocese of St. Petersburg and donations to the Annual Pastoral Appeal.

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