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Courageous Youth Ministry

The vision of Courageously Living the Gospel has ensured that parishes have a designated youth minister and that parishes establish or enhance their youth ministry opportunities. The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry now offers these CYM Trainings to assist parishes in achieving these goals by helping to form and train their youth ministry leadership teams.

What are CYM Trainings?

In order to better accompany youth, young adults, and ministry leaders, the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry provides training on key topics for youth ministers and other parish leaders to better meet the specific needs of your parish. For all parishes and schools in the Diocese of St Petersburg, these trainings are offered in both ENGLISH or SPANISH and are FREE and FLEXIBLE, able to be adapted to meet your needs.


CYM Trainings can be either ONLINE or IN-PERSON at your parish. You can choose individual TOPICS or three-part TRACKS to offer in your parish. All trainings will be offered in partnership with the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry. This website will also offer resources and best practices to help you continue the conversation beyond the sessions.

When are these trainings held?

  • Each topic can be covered in a one-hour session.

  • Each track (three related topics) can be covered in a two-hour session.

  • Choose one or two individual topics or create an on-going bi-weekly or monthly training to cover all ten tracks.

  • You can schedule any of these topics or tracks at a time that works best for your parish.

We believe young people are essential to the Church.

Bishop Gregory Parkes


Who in my parish could benefit from this training?


  • New Youth Ministers

  • Veteran Youth Ministers

  • Youth ministry core teams/volunteers

  • High School Campus Ministers

  • Clergy and Religious

  • Faith formation staffs

  • Other members of parish staff

  • Peer ministry teams

  • Young Adult core team members

  • Confirmation Catechists

  • CLG Leadership Teams

  • Scout Leaders

Courageous Youth Ministry logo white cou

 This ministry is supported through the Diocese of St. Petersburg and donations to the Catholic Ministry Appeal.

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