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Planning for youth ministry

“Pastoral planning requires prayer, leadership, foresight, and discipline regarding the future direction of the parish... It requires thinking through and doing things in a prayerful way, while retaining a degree of flexibility. In the end, it is always important to remember that a plan is a guide and that the Holy Spirit is the agent of the discipleship process.” 

– USCCB, Living as Missionary Disciples

Planning a Quality Youth Ministry Night (Proclaim)

A lot goes into crafting a quality youth ministry night. What should I think about when planning a night, and where do I begin? Learn what to consider as you plan the basic components of a youth ministry gathering.

Pilar I: La Visión del Ministerio Juvenil

Creating Meaningful Retreats and Events (Invite)
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Many of us have had a powerful experience of Jesus while on retreat or at a special event. How can we provide events for our young people that bring them face to face with Christ? How do we get teens excited so that they are eager to invite their friends to participate?

Pilar I: La Visión del Ministerio Juvenil

Developing a Small Group-Focused Youth Ministry (Encounter)

Many parishes across the country are leaving behind the “large group” model and focusing on small group ministry, especially in this year of the pandemic. Such small group ministry can facilitate real discipleship and mentorship in faith. Learn how to start a single small discipleship group and give it a try.

Pilar I: La Visión del Ministerio Juvenil

Resources for Immediate Support
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Pillar VI: Youth Ministry Planning


Pilar VI: Planeación de Eventos

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