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“The testimony of [the youth ministry leader’s] life is necessary for the credibility of the mission… adolescents need to have convinced and compelling witnesses by their side.”

– 2020 Directory for Catechesis

Balance in Prayer Life (Proclaim)
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We cannot give to teens what we do not already possess ourselves. If we want to mentor them as disciples of Jesus, then we need to first be a disciple of Jesus ourselves. Reflect on how to keep prayer central in our lives.

Pilar I: La Visión del Ministerio Juvenil

How to Say "No" (Invite)

Life is busy and ministry can become all-consuming for volunteers or staff alike. Learn how to find some balance in your life and ministry through a spirituality of discernment that will give you breathing room and witness the peace of Christ to those around you.

Pilar I: La Visión del Ministerio Juvenil

Discerning Christ's Presence in Those We Serve (Encounter)
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Christ is present in the angry mother in your office, the disrespectful middle schooler, and the belligerent guy in the vestibule. Yet it can be difficult to see Christ in someone when I’d rather shake and yell at them! Reflect on how to practice a prayer style that discerns the movement of the Spirit in every person and moment of ministry.

Pilar I: La Visión del Ministerio Juvenil

Resources for Immediate Support
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Pillar V: Leadership Development


Pilar V: Liderazgo Cristiano

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