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Young Adult ministry

“By investing in young adults today, the Church will yield much in the future in the forms of stewardship, leadership, and vocations. Further, young adults' investment in the Church will be one hundred fold because of their talents, abilities, education and desire to serve.”

– USCCB, Sons and Daughters of the Light

Identifying Young Adulthood (Proclaim)

The term “young adult” encompasses a wide range of people, including those out of high school and in their 20’s and 30’s. This includes both Millennials and those from Generation Z, two very distinct groups with different needs. This session will identify what is meant by “young adult” and both the current state of, and potential for, the Church’s ministry to them.  

Pilar I: La Visión del Ministerio Juvenil

Large Events as Evangelization (Invite)
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Large, fun, and social events (for example, Theology on Tap or retreats) can be an attractive entry point for many young adults and have the potential to serve as real tools for hospitality and evangelization. For many, this is the first step to enter or return to a faith community. Where could your parish begin to establish or enhance such a ministry? 

Pilar I: La Visión del Ministerio Juvenil

Developing Small Group Ministry for Discipleship (Encounter)

We often begin young adult ministries with great large events, but where do we go from there? The key is to start large, identify leaders, and then mold the emerging community into a cohesive ministry structure focused on parish-based small Christian communities. Explore how your parish might develop young adult ministry into such a vehicle for discipleship. 

Pilar I: La Visión del Ministerio Juvenil

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