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Transition to the New YM

As one youth minister leaves, its time to begin (or continue) praying about who to hire:

  • Please let the DOSP Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry know when a youth minister is leaving and a new youth minister arriving (email:, or so that office is aware and can support you and your new youth minister as needed.

  • Each transition is an opportunity to change things up. How might the Holy Spirit be guiding your parish youth ministry to grow, adapt, or deepen? Name those desires or movements of the Spirit before you go to hire. 

  • Assess your needs and resources:

    • Form a Youth Ministry Committee comprised of both adults and youth.​

    • Assess the needs of parish youth and define goals for the youth ministry - either focus current goals or completely re-envision them. 

    • Identify the parish resources you have which need to be harnessed in order to accomplish the above stated goals.

  • Utilize your Youth Ministry Committee to help you hire the right person.

  • On-board that new hire well:

    • Ensure everything is set up for their arrival.​

    • Give the new hire a copy of the Employee Handbook and connect them to the Diocesan Youth Ministry Guide.

    • Set up a schedule for them on their first few days.

    • Based on your parish vision for youth ministry, ask them to create a plan for their ministry.

    • Support them during their first six weeks, first year, and beyond.

    • Connect them with the Diocesan Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry who can answer questions regarding best practices, Diocesan policies, keep them appraised of upcoming trainings and connect them with other Youth Ministers in your region.

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