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Important IT Considerations

  • Emails:

    • Disable email account.

    • Ensure that access to edit any social media platforms/publications of the parish is removed and passwords are changed.

    • Change their password in your email system.

    • Assign someone to monitor the email until a replacement is hired.​

    • ​If employee used a personal cell phone or tablet to access work email, wipe or remove the email account if not already done so.

  • Remove employee’s name from:

    • email group distribution lists

    • internal/office phone list

    • website and building directories

    • bulletins


  • Office Phone

    • Change password

    • Ensure the employee’s telephone is not forwarded to any external numbers, such as their cell phone.

    • Change outgoing voicemail message in accordance with your organization’s communication guidelines

    • Assign someone to monitor the voicemail until that phone extension can be reassigned.


  • Disable computer access

    • Immediately disable the employee’s access to all systems, especially to shared server drives.  Do not delete files, in case you need to re-enable it later.

    • Compile a list of all locations where the employee stored data including cloud storage platforms.


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