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Involuntary Terminations

When you have prayerfully discerned to let your youth minister go, please use the following checklist:

  • First, always call Joe Loeber or the diocesan attorney to let them know of your decision.

  • When possible, set the termination effective date for the beginning of the month. Employee benefits last to the end of the month, so it is more pastoral to terminate employment at the beginning rather than the end of the month, giving the person a little more time with health coverage, etc.

  • Provide the employee with termination letter and effective dates.

  • Put a copy of the letter in their personnel file.

  • Make arrangements for the employee to collect their personal belongings.  This can be done immediately or schedule a later time (possibly after hours to allow some privacy).

  • Communicate employee departure to staff.

  • Communicate employee departure to parents.

  • When possible, make a plan to thank them for their ministry and to prayerfully send them off. 

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