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Using a Rental Company

Below is provided a checklist of what you should consider when using a rental company or facility.


At the bottom of this page you will find "Gregory's List," a list of rental companies and retreat facilities that have been used and recommended by parishes within our diocese.

When Renting a Bus, Inflatable, or Retreat Center
1. Begin the Process Early

Plan your trip as far in advance possible, and begin this checklist early so as to leave time for any necessary changes. Last minute plans can make completing this list frustrating and possibly resulting in cancelling the trip.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not assume that the contract or inflatable will be approved simply because you know of a parish who used them or the vendor states another diocesan entity used their company or a particular inflatable. Sometimes the vendor's policies change, or perhaps the diocesan entity did not follow proper procedures. But always each rental approved separately and on its own merits. 

2. Request Three Required Documents

Select a bus company (perhaps using "Gregory's List below) and contact them to receive a quote. Besides the basic trip information, please ask for three things:

  1. A contract to sign.

  2. Regarding the company's Certificate of Insurance (COI), ask them to list the following as additional insured and then give you a copy: 

"Gregory L. Parkes, as Bishop of the Diocese of St. Petersburg, a corporation sole and the Diocese of St. Petersburg, Inc., and affiliated entities as their interests may appear are listed as additional insured."


    3. Ask that they sign our diocesan "Universal Addendum" -  download that form here. 

3. Proper Coverage

FYI, the following coverage must be listed and current on the COI for the duration of the agreement/lease/MOU:

  • General Liability insurance ($1 million dollars)

  • Workers Compensation or State Waiver thereof

  • BUSES ONLY: Automobile Liability. 

4. Insurance/Catholic Mutual Approval

Valerie will review all and send you an approval email. This could take a few days, so please send it to her a minimum of 10 days in advance if not much further in advance, in case Catholic Mutual needs more time to review them or if there is a problem with any of the documents. 

5. Submit Documents to DOSP Insurance Office

Before your pastor or business manager signs anything, you will first send the following three documents to Valerie Burns in the Diocesan Insurance Office -

  1. The bus contract (Valerie will have it reviewed and approved by Catholic Mutual).

  2. A copy of bus company's COI (with the additional listing [named above in #2 in red] listed on the COI.

  3. A copy of the Universal Addendum signed by the bus company.

6. Sign and Complete Contract

Once those three documents have been approved, your pastor, business manager, or other authorized person may sign the bus contract. Be sure to receive a final copy of the contract. 

PLEASE NOTE: Youth Ministers do not normally have permission to sign contracts on behalf of the parish/diocese. Pastors have that authority, and typically give that authority to their Business Managers. If a Youth Minister signs a contract, she/he must do so with the permission and authority of the pastor or business manager. The point here: make sure your pastor is "in the loop" and knows and approves your plans before anything is signed.

7. EXTRA STEP: Inflatables Only

Not all bounce houses or inflatables are equally safe. By design some are more safe than others. Prior to selection/rental, send a picture and description to Valerie Burns in the Office of Insurance and Risk Management ( so that CMG can review and approve your selection PRIOR TO finalizing a contract.

Gregory's List

This list will be updated and added to over the next few months, and then permanently on a 6 month basis. Have a recommendation for us? Email Mike Buckler at

The following companies and facilities are those most frequently used by parishes in our diocese. If they are on this list, they have been used and recommended by another diocesan entity. They are likely to be approved, though there is no such thing as "pre-approved: you must always have each contract approved by the Office of Insurance and Risk Management.

You may use other companies and facilities besides those on these lists. All requests for approval should be submitted to Valerie Burns at and you should follow the above listed process. 

The Bethany Center

Recommended By: 

Diocese of St. Petersburg and Jesuit High School.

Helpful Notes:

New gaga pit, basketball hoop, foursquare, and fire pit at youth center.


18150 Bethany Center Dr., Lutz, FL 33558


A Candies Motorcoaches

Recommended By:

Our Lady of the Rosary Parish

Helpful Notes:

Great pricing, reliable buses, great drivers.

6916 W University Ave, Gainesville, FL 32607


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