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This page is soon to include a complete guide of best practices and recommended guidelines.

The following is the table of contents page for this forthcoming guide:

Youth Ministry Safe Environment

Best Practices and Guidelines


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction and Purpose 

  2. Youth Ministry Programming and Events

    1. Weekly Meetings On Campus

    2. Safe Environment Training for Teens and Parents

    3. Off-Campus, Non-Overnight Events

    4. Overnight Events (on or off campus, in or out of the diocese)

    5. Transportation

    6. Creating a Trip Binder

  3. Clearance for Adults Working with Minors

    1. Adult Volunteers

    2. How do we need to handle youth group speakers?

    3. Are we allowed to have special Vendors at youth group events?

    4. Can Parents participate in youth group sponsored events?

    5. Ensuring Liturgical Facilities

    6. Letters of Good Standing

    7. Can priests, deacons, other religious, and seminarians be counted as chaperones?

    8. Code of Conduct for Adults 

  4. Risk Management

    1. Insurance Needs

    2. Transportation

    3. Water Activities

    4. Emergency Preparations 

  5. Communication

    1. Social Media

    2. Use of Media in Ministry 

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