Salary and Budget Considerations

Passing of the Baton in Catholic Youth Ministry: A National Longitudinal Research Study of Catholic Youth Ministry Leaders was a 2018 in depth look at who Catholic youth ministers are today. The entire document can be downloaded here. 

Below you will find info on salaries and budgets. Please keep scrolling for budget info.

Here are some charts and tables taken from Passing the Baton that illustrate average salaries for today's full-time youth ministry leaders:

Sample Salaries

Youth ministry does not happen in a vacuum. It requires the dedication of resources, including space, volunteers, and finances. Take five minutes to read this two-page article written in 1997 - yes, 1997. The article and it's title were prophetic for the time - Catholic Youth Ministry: Pay Now or Pay Later. Almost 25 years later, we are paying for having not properly funded our youth ministries. It's worth the read!

Here are two sample budgets that can and should be adapted for your parish's specific situation and needs:

1. Sample Budget A

2. Sample Budget B

Sample Budgets